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Freemasons Lodge

the lodge 

  1. The Masonic Lodge is a symbol of the world as it was thought to be in the olden times. Our ancient brethren had a profound insight when they saw the world as a Temple, overhung by a starry canopy by night.Lighted by the journing sun by day. Wherein man goes forth to his Labour on a checkerboard of Light and shadows,seeking to produce on earth the law and order of Heaven.
  2. The visible world was but a picture of reflection of the invisible, and at its center stood the altar of sacrifice,Obligation, and adoration.
  3. So at the center of our Lodge stands the same Altar older than all Temples,as old as life itself, a focus of Faith and fellowship, at once a symbol and shrine of that unseen element of thought and yarning of which all men are aware and which no one can define.
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